The best thing about leguano barefoot shoes is the sole

The aim was to design a shoe that enables the healthiest and most natural way of moving - walking barefoot. The leguano barefoot shoe, which took several years of development work, fully meets the specifications: it gives the foot back its full freedom of movement, but at the same time protects it with its low-wear, non-slip sole, which adapts to every movement of the foot and its muscles.


The best part is what's underneath: our unique sole

The special thing about leguano barefoot shoes is a unique sole, it is like a second skin and as unique as the shape of the owner's foot. During the technical development of this high-tech sole, the focus is on the features of perfect structure, sensor technology, and ergonomics.
Ergonomic design

The sole of the leguano barefoot shoes is made of the material LIFOLIT®, a very robust and flexible product. The material fits ergonomically to the shape of the wearer's foot. It is also so flexible that you can easily roll the barefoot shoes and therefore store them to save space.

Unique structure

The special arrangement of the hemispheres ensures that they do not block each other when the sole's shape changes. This property allows the sole to move flexibly 360° in any direction and adapts perfectly to any surface. This ensures a larger contact surface on the ground and thus more ground feels and grip.

 Sensory feedback

The ergonomically shaped leguano foot sole has biomechanical functions: the individual hemispheres provide sensory and tactile feedback with every step, which is passed on to our feet. The individual nerve zones and points are specifically stimulated. This is equivalent to a foot reflexology massage that ensures relaxation and well-being.




Made in Germany

leguano shoes are made in Germany. In times in which the majority of shoe manufacturers have their goods produced in regions that are far away, company founder Helmuth Ohlhoff was clear from the start: “We produce here - barefoot shoes made in Germany”.

Fair shoe production with supply chains that are as short as possible and a high-quality standard are what sets leguano apart.