leguano barefoot shoe manufacturer




Going barefoot in all situations and on every occasion - that's what leguano barefoot shoes are for. Since the company was founded in 2009, the product range has been constantly expanded, the number of employees has increased, and the people behind the leguano brand work every day for the company's success.



Barefoot shoes made in Germany

At home in Buchholz/Rhineland-Palatinate, leguano focuses on essentials: functionality, chic design, and traditional craftsmanship. Born from the desire to craft something unique, their shoes embody the perfect blend of style and quality, making them stand out in the world of shoemaking.




How it all began

The decisive factor was the desire of the enthusiastic long-distance runner Helmuth Ohlhoff to run in a shoe in which he could move as if he were barefoot. He was instigated by Walter Packi, doctor and the first German biokineticist, who told him at a meeting many years ago: "You runners are all running wrong."
From this statement and a few explanatory words from the Freiburg doctor about natural movement sequences, it was clear to Helmuth Ohlhoff: I have to walk barefoot! After five years of development, the leguano barefoot shoe was created, which was an alternative to running with shoes not only for runners but for everyone. Barefoot shoes from leguano give the foot back its full freedom of movement and at the same time protect it with its low-wear, non-slip sole, which adapts to every movement of the foot and its muscles. For this purpose, the “ lifolit®-lg ” was developed exclusively for leguano by the company Hexpol, which is characterized by high flexibility and high abrasion resistance.
The company leguano was founded in 2009 with a handful of employees, all highly motivated and absolutely convinced of the product: barefoot shoes made in Germany.


2015 marked the establishment of new partnerships and expanded international sales. Initial European partners were Mallorca, the Czech Republic, and France. Due to space constraints, operations relocated from Birlinghoven to Buchholz in 2018. The leguano seminar center evolved into leguano Academy and Barfußpark GmbH in 2022. 



Where we are today

Over 600 employees ensure every day that leguano continues to gain a foothold worldwide. This interaction obviously has an impact on the growth rate: in its anniversary year of 2019, the company generated sales of 38 million euros. Compared to the previous year 2018, this represented an increase of 31%. In just 3 years (2016: 14.628 million euros), leguano has more than doubled its sales.

Thanks to years of experience and the use of the best materials, we manage to maintain a very high standard that we set ourselves and continually reinvent these unique and high-quality shoes. 100% functional, 100% for everyone at any age.