Why Barefoot Shoes?

What are Barefoot Shoes?

Barefoot shoes are designed to mimic the feeling of walking barefoot while protecting the foot from injuries caused by stones, and sharp-edged objects. For this purpose, barefoot shoes are designed to be as minimalist as possible so that the focus is on the unrestricted barefoot experience. The soles of our barefoot promote natural foot movement. Barefoot shoes are very thin and exceptionally flexible and the toe boxes are wide. This allows us to adapt to the surface and pass on the sensory stimuli to our nervous system almost unfiltered.

Better health thanks to the most natural walking style in the world

Walking barefoot offers numerous health benefits that align with our natural way of moving. Since ancient times, our ancestors and various indigenous groups have maintained the tradition of walking barefoot. With 26 bones, muscles, and tendons, our feet are ideally designed for this activity. On the other hand, running with shoes restricts foot muscles, as the stiff sole acts like a restrictive splint, limiting natural movement and possibly harming foot health overall.

Strengthening muscles, improving balance, and connecting with the ground.
 The solution: Barefoot to better health.